Doug Ford continues to mislead Ontarians

Doug Ford continues to mislead Ontarians

Anita Vandenbeld, Member of Parliament for Ottawa West-Nepean, issued the following statement:

Ottawa, Ontario, March 14 2019 – Today, Minister Rod Phillips will continue to mislead Ontarians on the seriousness of climate change. We saw it yesterday when Premier Ford spoke about our government’s plan to put a price on pollution, and we will see it again this morning at Algonquin College. These are the kinds of dishonest statements that we are coming to expect from both Premier Ford and Andrew Scheer. They continue to mislead small and medium sized businesses in order to hide their real plan: to make pollution free again.

Putting a price on pollution works and is the right decision for families and businesses. We know that investing in clean growth creates economic opportunity, and we built our plan to encourage companies to innovate, which creates more good middle class jobs for Canadians. We also lowered taxes for small businesses down to 9%, making it the lowest rate among G7 countries.

Here are just a few of the things Doug Ford has been misleading Ontarians about:

Doug Ford claims our plan will make businesses uncompetitive. This is NOT TRUE

FACT: We are supporting small and medium sized businesses to cut pollution by becoming more energy efficient. This will lower their energy costs and help them remain competitive. In Ontario, that means $975 million over five years.

Doug Ford claims pricing pollution will make no difference to the environment. This is NOT TRUE

FACT: A price on pollution across Canada will cut more pollution in 2022 than closing 30 coal units for an entire year.

Doug Ford claims our plan will hurt family budgets. This is NOT TRUE

FACT: Most Ontario families will have more money in their pockets at the end of the day under our plan for pricing pollution. A family of four in Ontario will get $307 this year.

Doug Ford claims pricing pollution will cause a recession. This is NOT TRUE

FACT: Economists from across Canada have said this claim is not only wrong, but is downright irresponsible. British Columbia has had a price on pollution for over a decade, and had the strongest economic growth in Canada for the last several years. When Ontario had a cap and trade system, their economic growth was among the strongest in Canada. Doug Ford dismantled this system, and his mismanagement of the province has already led to the downgrading of Ontario’s credit rating. Doug Ford should know better.

By stepping back from climate action, Doug Ford’s lack of leadership would add 30 million more tonnes of carbon pollution, risking a dirty future for our children and grandchildren.

We can’t let Conservative politicians try to take us back in time, and take money out of the pockets of Ontarians. When provinces fail to lead, we will step up.

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Anita Joins Minister Tassi in Launching a Call for Concepts for Pan-Canadian Projects to Help Seniors Across Canada Stay Active, Engaged and Informed

December 6, 2018 - Ottawa - Anita Vandenbeld, MP for Ottawa West–Nepean, and the Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister of Seniors, invited organizations to apply for funding for projects that will help increase social inclusion among seniors through collaborative and innovative approaches. Organizations can apply under the Call for Concepts (CFC) for the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) 2018-2019 for Pan-Canadian projects.

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Anita speaks at inauguration of new Algonquin College building

May 3, 2018 - Ottawa - Anita Vandenbeld spoke at the inauguration of Algonquin College's new Discovery, Applied Research and Entrepreneurship (DARE) building. Almost half the funding for this project - $22.9 million - came from the federal government's Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund. The new multipurpose building will be home to a new library and learning centre, an Indigenous Commons, a space for students to access the newest technology, a cybersecurity centre and more. MP Vandenbeld was very proud to have been involved since the very first concept stage of this project.

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Anita announces funding for affordable seniors' housing

March 12, 2018 - Ottawa - MP Anita Vandenbeld was thrilled to announce the joint funding of 42 new housing units for low-income seniors, to be built at the Carlington Community Health Centre. The joint federal and provincial funding will go toward Ottawa Community Housing, and will provide affordable housing to seniors in the same facility as a health clinic and other social services. This cooperation between all three levels of government will have a very positive impact on the lives of those who need housing assistance.

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Anita Vandenbeld Announces $2.3M Investment in Algonquin College

June 12, 2017 - Ottawa – Anita Vandenbeld, Member of Parliament for Ottawa West-Nepean, announced an investment of $2.3 million to Algonquin College as part of NSERC's (the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) College and Community Innovation program. Over the course of five years NSERC will fund a new, cutting edge Data Analytics Centre.

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Anita Welcomes Finance Minister to Algonquin College

On March 28th the Financial Post covered the visit of Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Parliamentary Secretary Ginette Pettipas-Taylor and Anita Vandenbeld to Algonquin College to highlight Budget 2017 focus on jobs, innovation and lifelong learning.


Anita joins Minister of Status of Women to announce funding for Planned Parenthood Ottawa

IMG_1435.jpgRead the News Release here

Anita joined Minister for Status of Women, Maryam Monsef, to announce $285,000 for Planned Parenthood Ottawa for programs to end reproductive coercion. Anita stated: "We welcome the opportunity to partner with the Government of Canada to improve support for those experiencing violence, including coercion, around sexual and reproductive health and rights. We will be collaborating with local stakeholders to better recognize this form of gender-based violence, and to make sure there is a full range of options available to reduce its lifelong impact on survivors." 

Anita joins Minister of Health to announce funding to University of Ottawa Heart Institute

UOHI.JPGRead the article here

Anita joined Minister of Health Jane Philpott at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute to announce $2.9 Million in funding to heart research. This investment will allow researchers to advance diagnostic tools and treatment for heart disease. Anita Stated: “Everybody in our community, in our city, our country knows the University of Ottawa Heart Institute is world class and the cutting edge research that is done here impacts so many people”

Anita announces $22 Million for new innovation centre at Algonquin College

Algonquin_22M.JPGSee the news release here

Anita Vandenbeld was pleased to announce a federal government contribution of $22 million for a new Centre for Innovation, Learning and Entrepreneurship and Institute for Indigenous Entrepreneurship.  The federal contribution is part of a $43 renovation of the Algonquin College library to establish a 21st century "collaborator" where ideas intersect, where students, community members and business can come together to create the jobs of the future.

Ottawa Citizen: Why MPs should visit places of worship

Mosque_unity.JPGFollowing a visit to the Ottawa Mosque with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in which she was criticized for attending the mosque, Anita responded with an Op Ed in the Ottawa Citizen: Why MPs should visit mosques, and other places of worship too

Anita is profiled in the Toronto Star

Star.jpgSusan Delacourt: MP Anita Vandenbeld Takes Tips from the Tim Hortons Caucus

'Liberal MP, a human rights expert who holds John Baird’s former Ottawa-area riding, convenes “mini-town halls” each week with constituents.'

Ottawa Citizen: How to Attract More Women to Politics

citizen_women.jpgRead Anita's Opinion Piece in the Ottawa Citizen on How to Attract More Women to Politics

With the election of more women to Parliament than ever, and the appointment of a gender-equal cabinet, there has been a lot of discussion about why women are still under-represented in Canadian electoral politics. Despite the gains, women still comprise only 26 per cent of MPs.  We went from 50th in the world to 48th.  Canada still ranks behind such countries as Sudan, Iraq and Rwanda.

Anita is profiled in the Ottawa Citizen

Christine Spencer interviews Anita Vandenbeld for a Q&A on Making Parliament More Representative

Anita Vandenbeld, rookie MP for Ottawa West-Nepean, is an expert on democracy and human rights with extensive United Nations experience, a former chief of staff to a Liberal senator, and a former director of parliamentary affairs for a government House leader. She spoke to the Citizen’s Christina Spencer.

CBC Profiles MP Anita Vandenbeld on first day on the job

Anita celebrated her birthday on the first sitting day of the new Parliament after being elected. CBC followed her on her first day as a rookie MP. Watch the video here.