In Caucus

Anita is the chair of the Liberal Women's Caucus and the Parliamentary Women's Caucus

Parliamentary Women's Caucus Indigenous Blanket Ceremony

Blanket_ceremony.JPGThe all-party Parliamentary women's caucus invited indigenous elder, Barbara Dumont-Hill, and Kairos Canada to lead a blanket ceremony on Parliament Hill for reconciliation. The emotional ceremony was all the more poignant because it was the first time such a ceremony took place in Parliament amongst MPs from all parties. 






Equal Voice Daughters of the Vote

IMG_1362.jpgInternational Women's Day 2017 saw an incredible and historic moment in Parliament - 338 diverse young women from every constituency in the country took their seat in House of Commons for a day. There were more women in the House that day than have ever been elected in our 150 year history (315 total). These articulate and passionate young leaders showed us what a future could look like where real parity is achieved in Canadian politics. Currently there are only 26% women in Parliament and Canada ranks 64th in the world. The event was hosted by Equal Voice, with a special reception and participation from the Parliamentary women's caucus. 






Official Launch of the Parliamentary Womens Caucus with former Australian PM Julia Gillard

Gillard_group.JPGThe all-party Parliamentary Women's caucus was formally launched with an inaugural event celebrating women in politics, with special guest Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia. Parliamentarians from all parties and both houses mingled and discussed how to overcome the barriers to electing women and to women achieving the highest levels of leadership.





Lighting the Peace Tower in Purple to mark the Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

IMG_0598.jpgThe "Shine the Light" campaign by the Ottawa Coalition to end Violence Against Women, working together with MPs from all parties, lit the Peace Tower of the Canadian Parliament in purple to honour the lives of women who have been subject to abuse and to raise awareness on the need to do more to end gender-based violence.







Parliamentary Womens Caucus joins ParlAmericas women MPs from Latin America

ParlAmericas_wide.JPGThe all-party Parliamentary Women's Caucus welcomed women MP's from across Latin America to participate in a conference about how to establish gender-based caucuses in parliaments. Some of the lessons learned at the conference helped to inform the structure and mandate of the Canadian Parliamentary Women's caucus. Sharing of experiences and lessons across Parliaments is one of the main ways to help achieve real equality in Politics.


Parliamentary Friendship Groups

Dancing.JPGAnita is the chair or the Canada-Kosovo Parliamentary Friendship Group and vice-chair of the Canada-DR Congo Parliamentary Friendship Group. Both are countries where Anita lived and worked toward democracy and inclusive political participation. Anita was honoured with the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal for her work in Kosovo.