Touring Algonquin College ACCE

Yesterday while touring the Algonquin College Centre for Construction Excellence (ACCE) I had a chance to talk with the students learning cabinet-making.

I spent much of my childhood in my dad’s woodshop, he was a Master Piano Tuner who built cabinets and beautiful furniture in the shop in our garage - some of it out of old pianos and organs that didn’t play anymore.

It was fun to exchange with these students about my dad’s projects and some that they are working on, including one who made an armchair out of his parents old bed frame. Maybe one of them will take up my dad’s concept of a “piano-bar” - making a bar out of an old piano!

Thanks to the college and to these learners for sharing their time with me!

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  • Aryan Bajpai
    published this page in In the Community 2022-08-18 15:25:35 -0400