Anita's Office and Availability

The House of Commons adjourned on March 13th until April 20th. Public access and tours of the Parliamentary precinct are also cancelled. important legislation, including the new NAFTA agreement, were passed on Friday by unanimous consent. It was an inspiring example of all-party cooperation in the face of a national crisis.
In order to ensure that we do not become vectors in spreading the virus between constituents, my constituency office will be closed to walk-in visits until further notice. Our office will continue to be fully operational and our staff and I will be available. However, our services will only be offered over the phone and by email. None of our staff have exhibited signs of illness, this measure is simply a precaution for the health of constituents and my staff.
Out of precaution, I have suspended my weekly drop-in and coffee hours. I will instead hold telephone hours. Call my constituency office at 613-990-7720 or email to schedule a call.
I have also cancelled planned events in the coming weeks, including my Youth Council meeting, Town Hall meetings and all public political activities. We will re-evaluate this on the basis of advice from public health authorities.