2020 Speech From the Throne

Speech From The Throne - A Stronger And More Resilient Canada

Link to the full speech:  https://www.canada.ca/en/privy-council/campaigns/speech-throne/2020/stronger-resilient-canada.html


Canada-wide early learning and childcare system: "We must not let the legacy of the pandemic be one of rolling back the clock on women’s participation in the workforce, nor one of backtracking on the social and political gains women and allies have fought so hard to secure...We have long understood that Canada cannot succeed if half of the population is held back. Canadians need more accessible, affordable, inclusive, and high quality childcare.”

Creating jobs: "The Government will launch a campaign to create over one million jobs by using a range of tools, including direct investments in the social sector and infrastructure, immediate training to quickly skill up workers, and incentives for employers to hire and retain workers." 

Addressing gaps in our social systems: To all the families devastated by tragedies in Long Term Care, we heard you. The Speech From the Throne includes working w/ provinces on national standards for long term care, amending the criminal code to punish those who neglect or endanger our most vulnerable seniors, and keeping seniors in their own homes longer.

Disabilities: Thanks to the advocacy of many of my constituents, the Throne Speech prioritizes a Disability Inclusion Plan including a Canadian Disability Benefit like GIS; a robust employment strategy, and a better process to determine eligibility for Government disability programs and benefits.

Environment: Commitments to legislating Net-Zero by 2050. To achieve this we will create jobs retrofitting homes, a new fund to attract investments in making zero-emissions products, mitigating climate disasters, a Clean Power Fund, a Canada Water Agency, renewable energy investments, and much more.

Building Stronger Communities: We will continue to work with partners – including directly with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Nation partners – to address food insecurity in Canada, and strengthen our local food supply chains. We will also invest in all types of infrastructure, including public transit, energy efficient retrofits, clean energy, rural broadband and affordable housing, particularly for Indigenous Peoples and northern communities;






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